MAGIC OF LiFE will write the opening music for ANIM.ANIM

started its activities with the aim of creating a new trend of content creation utilizing the technology of WEB3.

A great artist who shares the same vision has been chosen to write the opening music for ANIM.

ANIM's works are created with the valuable input of the community.

The work will project the lives of each and every person who is devoted to their work.

We will create works that confront major changes in society, sometimes facing major problems and losing loved ones.

ANIM will create works that give courage to those who work hard every day.

There is no better artist than MAGIC OF LiFE to sing the theme song for the film.

Their sound, which is both gentle and fast-paced, will strike a chord with many viewers.


ANIM's White Paper

Democratization of
Anime Production

What we

We exist to create a new structure for the entertainment industry and to create a new generation of IP

There is a clear reason why this project has a high probability of success.
We are insiders in the Japanese animation industry.

We are an anime production DAO founded by Japanese anime creators, producers, and engineers.

Thank you for your interest in our project.

Our Pledge

  • To let the community lead the way in charting the future.
  • To democratize the production of animation and create works of free imagination.
  • To be a free community without race, gender, language, culture, social status, etc.
  • To have respect for creators.
  • To have a love for Japanese animation.
  • To form an economic ecosystem that is decentralized and in line with reality.
The Story Begins

NFT's Community Membership Ticket

There will be NFTs issued as membership cards and the community will be inaugurated.

We will distribute the list to those who share our will and can be enthusiastic about the new world with us.



In addition to keeping gas fees down,
we've got a unique contract for NFT updates.
The anime will take two to three years to complete.
It will also serve to grant rewards to community members.

Various rights and benefits
of membership

Utility Token Issuance

The holder of the NFT is assigned an ANIM token.These act as utility tokens within the DAO.

Token Features

  • Vote Weighting
  • Voting on DAO operations
  • Voting on animation proposals
  • Voting on allocation of production costs
  • Voting to determine back-end products
  • Voting on the choice of where to publish content

The project is decided
by voting

I'll use two important features to determine the animation plan.They are ANIM coin and The Image Board.

The Image Board is a blank token that can be described.We want you to describe what you think you need in the metaverse space.It is a part of your story and will become your asset in the future.

2022 Q2

  • Open The Image Board
  • Voting on the theme of the work
  • Vote for the main character or characters
  • Vote for the genre of the work

2022 Q3

  • Voting on proposals
  • Production cost allocation vote
  • Voting on back-end products
  • Voting on the choice of where to publish the content.

Production & release
of animated films

We usually produce works for Japanese TV and film, as well as anime for release on Netflix.

Our partners are the best creators we have ever met.We get to be the owners of the best work they produce!Very exciting, isn't it?

This project is only possible because we have been active in the Japanese animation industry.

2022 Q4
Formal staff and structure announced
2023 Q1
An advance cut of the film is shown as a teaser.
2023 Q2
Production of scenario storyboards
2023 Q3
Creation of pilot version
2023 Q4
Full version Production of the "The first
2024 Q4
Trailer release
2025 Q3
Community-only previews
2025 Q4
Release to the whole world.

Our characters,
Our World,
Our Animation is born!

We usually produce for Japanese TV and film, as well as anime that is released on Netflix.
The best creators we meet are our partners.

The community gets to be the owner of the best anime ever!
Exciting, isn't it?

Let's create an anime from our community that will send the whole world into a frenzy!



Main Designer


Chief Marketing Officer


Chief Strategy Officer




Chief Community Manager


project manager


Artist Supervisor


project manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to produce an Anime?
Who owns the rights to anime works?
Can we produce animation by voting?
Is there only one anime we make?
What will the supply be?
After all, it's all about making money?

Come on,
let's make some ANIME together!

We're excited,
ourselves and our fans, about this moment when our ideas will create the best entertainment ever!

Let's not let anyone get in our way and bring
our best characters,
our best storyline,
our best animation to the whole world!